All ratings are on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being a nearly-never achievable perfection.

Quality—My general overall assessment of the ice cream quality and taste based on the 4 T’s; texture (mouthfeel), taste (flavor), temperature (melt) and tempo (ingredients and mostly the love that goes into every scoop).

Store Ambiance—The design, comfort and general ambiance of the store.

Staff & Policies—Friendliness and helpfulness of staff. The love that’s put into every scoop. Also looking at restrictive policies that may curtail enjoyment (one taste per customer, one flavor per scoop, etc.).

Neighborhood—A good location to enjoy your ice cream.

Worth the Trip®—Given everything above, is it Worth the Trip® to this ice cream shop. (WTT)

Ratings ⓘ

Ice Cream Quality:
Store Ambiance:
Staff & Policies:
Worth the Trip®:

Items Tasted:



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